Eggleston (2000) reported on the range of genetic diversity among the AKC breeds.  She constructed a continuum for all the breeds.  With the Jack Russell Terriers, she found them to have the most amount of genetic diversity.  This means their pedigrees were for the most part the result of outcross breeding.  This meant that the ancestors tended to be unrelated to each other.

What was not said in the article in regards to Jack Russell Terriers:  The reason the Jack Russell Terrier is the LEAST inbred dog is that the dog was only recently admitted to the Kennel Club, and almost all the dogs that entered the Kennel Club Registry were dogs whose pedigree originated in the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America, which prohibits a Coefficient of Inbreeding higher than 16% and which also maintains a wider (true working) standard for the breed.  The American Kennel Club now calls its dog the “Parson Russell Terrier,” while the JRTCA (quite correctly) notes that their dog is “The Real Jack Russell” actually found in the field & at work.

“Partial” reprint from the JRTCA True Grit Magazine Volume 1, 2024, Volume 48, No. 1

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