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Stakes Barn Hunt Event

August 16 @ 11:00 am 3:00 pm


This year at the Summer Celebration Terrier Trial, we will hold a Stakes Barn Hunt Event on Friday, August
16 th from 11:00 – 3:00; sign-up starts at 10:30 that morning. Cost is $20.00 per dog, cash payments only, no trial
vault entry, pay at Barn Hunt Stakes course. Maximum of 50 dogs will be allowed to enter.  All dogs/all
breeds/all ages are welcome to compete.
50% of the total purse will go to the Summer Celebration Trial as a fund raiser to help cover overall trial costs.
The other 50% will be split up between the fastest 5 qualifying times as follows: 1 st place = 30%, 2 nd place =
25%, 3 rd place = 20%, 4 th place = 15%, 5 th place = 10%. Awards will be announced at the Friday Potluck Dinner.
There will be 3 rats in tubes, and 1 tube with just litter in it. Each dog has 2 minutes 30 seconds on the course to
find all 3 rats. At the end of 2 minutes 30 seconds, time is up. Dogs who do not find all 3 rats within 2 minutes
30 seconds do not have a qualifying time. When the dog finds a rat, the owner must call it out to the judge. The
owner must then restrain the dog while the rat handler removes the tube from the course. If the owner does not
restrain the dog, the handler will not remove the tube. The judge will keep track of the number of rats
found. When the dog has found all 3 rats the judge will record final time.
If the handler calls out “rat” when the dog has actually found a tube with litter, this will cost the dog an
additional 10 seconds added to their time. The litter tube will not be removed from the course. If the dog and
handler identify the litter tube a second time, it will result in DQ.
Handlers can walk along with their dogs and talk to their dogs throughout the course. Handlers cannot touch
their dogs nor any part of the course except when restraining their terrier when the rat is being removed from
the course. When restraining the dog, at least two of its feet must remain in contact with the ground/hay bales.
Dogs may not bite or lay teeth on the rat handler while a rat tube is being removed from the course. This will
result in immediate DQ and dog and owner will be asked to leave the course. The rat handler will not pick up
the tube to remove it until the handler has effectively restrained their dog. Dogs should not be allowed to
manhandle the rat tube too excessively. Excessive roughness with the rat may result in DQ by the judge.

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