Calling all Nosework Dogs

Terrier Nosework a new JRTCA-sanctioned event — is offered for JRTs and earthdogs at the Summer Celebration Trials on Saturday, August 17. 

Nosework is a popular sport that requires some initial training called imprinting to target odor. The beauty of it is that all dogs can learn to do nosework. It’s an activity they can enjoy either at trials or just for fun after aging out of other sports. Your dog — using his or her olfactory superpowers — is the leader in all things scent detection!  And I believe our terriers — with their baked-in hunting instincts — have a leg up. 

Competition scent-detection trials involve searches of containers, vehicles, exteriors, interiors, and containers of sand and/or water. We are offering Level 1 and Level 2 container and exterior classes. You can run your dogs in both levels — it’s not necessary to pass Level 1 to enter Level 2.

Here is a link to the Terrier Nosework Rulebook, which is not yet available on the JRTCA web site:

At this time, the rulebook says owners can enter two dogs in the same class. However, you must either get another handler for the second dog or run the second dog on courses that will be reset after all the first dogs have completed their runs. 

The container searches will be inside a building at the fairgrounds. Level 1 consists of eight to 10 identical containers on the floor with one birch hide.  Level 2 has 10 to 14 assorted containers that can be elevated with two birch, anise or clove hides .  

Exterior searches will be in a nearby space. Level 1 is 100 to 200 square feet with one birch hides. The Level 2 search is at least 200 square feet with two birch, anise or clove hides.

An incorrect call is allowed in Level 1 but it incurs a time fault. There are no intentional distractors placed in any searches. Please read the rulebook for more information on faults, guidelines and titling requirements.

The optional Beginner Sniffer class is the same course and rules as Level 1 containers so no cross-entering between the two. It is not eligible for the championship and open to dogs who have not shown in any other nosework venue. 

I am a nosework competitor and instructor and will be judging the exterior searches. Pat Weber is judging the container searches. Pat and I have been handling our dogs in various scent detection venues for more than 10 years. All have achieved titles at the highest levels of NACSW, UKC and AKC, among others. We are excited to bring nosework to the Summer Celebration Trials!

July 11, 2024 Article written by Catherine Byrne about a new JRTCA Sanctioned Event.

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