The Midwest JRT Club

We are a regional affiliate of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America.   Accepted as an affiliate on October 16,  1992,  the club’s primary mission  is preserving and protecting the working characteristics of the Jack Russell Terrier.   Striving to foster an inclusive environment,  the club invites owners of all dog breeds,  especially those commonly referred to as  earthdogs,  to participate in its activities.

Club Activity

The Midwest JRT Club offers year-round activities, most often the 3rd weekend of the month.  The snow and winter month options are indoor activities such as JRT friendly parties and meetings.  Spring and Fall is the most probable time to find members engaged at a breed education event or participating in a JRT racing demonstration. 

Jack Russell Terrier driving a golf cart

Summertime brings Club sponsored terrier play days and the annual JRTCA-sanctioned trial, Summer Celebration.  Summer Celebration, is held the third weekend in August, at the historic Sandwich Fairgrounds in Sandwich, Illinois.  The canine extravaganza is open to all canine breeds.  In addition to the core JRTCA Trial events, a plethora of alternate canine performance challenges are offered, all conducted in the “tail-gate” atmosphere that typifies a Jack Russell terrier trial.

Related Activity

To keep their dogs busy,  Midwest JRT Club members are engaged in virtually every type of canine activity.  They are involved with or are active judges in recognized dog sports such as Nose Work, Barn Hunt, agility, flyball, etc.  Some members serve on the boards of recognized national organizations. 

two dogs in a Halloween bucket

The activity held closest and heralded least is terrier field work – working a terrier in the ground.  Seek and you will find members that regularly pursue the final element in the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America’s motto, “Preserve, Protect, and Work the Jack Russell Terrier”

MWJRTC Membership

Memberships run from January 1 through December 31.

  • Single memberships are $25 per year.
  • Family memberships are $40 per year.

Club membership isn’t required to attend our events but please join us in helping to protect and preserve the Jack Russell terrier breed that has captivated our hearts. In addition to preferred rates for play days and trial entries, club members have access to a members-only section on the website and can participate in club business. 

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