Established in 1992

The Midwest Jack Russell Terrier Club is an affiliate club of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America.

Our main mission is to protect and preserve the unique characteristics and working heritage of the Jack Russell terrier.

MWJRTC Membership

Please join us in helping to protect and preserve the Jack Russell terrier breed that has captivated our hearts. Member benefits include preferred rates for play days and trial entries. 

Play Days & Other Events

For training, trial practice or just fun, the club holds play days where your JRTs and earthdogs can run races and go-to-ground tunnels. Other events may include breed education and racing demonstrations.

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Summer Celebration Trials

Important Information: Competitors who have used Trial Vault before must Sign UP & Enter
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The JRTCA-sanctioned Summer Celebration trials will be held August 17-18, 2024, in Sandwich, Illinois. We feature eight sanctioned divisions plus barn hunt, brush hunt, lure coursing, trailing & locating, and TNT tunnel. Earthdogs and other breeds are welcome in many cases. Last years flyers are below for your reference:

2024 Trial Flyer – Not Available Yet 

2023 Trial Flyer >>

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Midwest Jack Russell Terrier Club Summer Celebration

Summer Celebration Sanctioned Trials

The 2022 Summer Celebration Trials I & II were held at the historic Sandwich Fair in Sandwich, Illinois. Located 65 miles southwest of downtown Chicago, this spacious site boasts abundant shade and its own RV campground. JRTCA-sanctioned events at the trials are conformation, racing, go-to-ground, super earth, youth, rally obedience, agility and trailing and locating. Non-sanctioned events are barn hunt, brush hunt, TNT Tunnel, lure coursing. There are many classes for earth dogs and other breeds.

Hometown Proud 2024 – Friday August 16th @ 5:30 PM

We are happy to share the news that our famous Friday night pot-luck community dinner is back on this year. 

It’s time to dust off your crockpot, skillet or part tray and share a taste of your local favorite fare.  Plan on bringing your favorite hometown dish and partake in the festivities under the main building pavilion Friday evening. 

There will be lots of food, fun and laughs as we kick-off another great Midwest Summer Celebration.

Please see the link below to sign-up your contribution dish if you plan to join us dinner and socializing!


Joining the club and coming to events gives you access to like-minded people whose terriers hunt in the field as well as participate in terrier trials, and other dog sports including Barn Hunt, agility, flyball, scent detection, dock diving, tracking, lure coursing, rally obedience and others.

In addition to membership benefits, your dues help to preserve the Jack Russell as the type of terrier we have come to love and enjoy.

2022 Play Day & Camping Weekend

The 2022 Play Day & camping weekend on May 14th & 15th at O’Connell’s RV Campground was a great success with fun had by all. To see more about how the event went, Click Here

Activities & Events Schedule

Hometown Proud 2024

We are happy to share the news that our famous Friday night pot-luck community dinner is back on this year.  It’s time to dust off your crockpot, skillet or part

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Play Days

Play days provide an opportunity to learn and practice terrier racing, go-to-ground and other fun dog games. Socializing is always on the agenda as well. Some play days stretch over a weekend at locations that offer camping. You don’t need to be a member to attend play days. Play day fees for members are $10 per dog. Non-members pay $20 per dog. Camping fees vary by location.

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